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The Monte-Ore service is structured according to basic service levels, based on your specific needs.
It is particularly suitable for solving all the problems related to the management of technological infrastructure, according to the areas of interest described below.

The subscription consists of the purchase of a prepaid minimum package (min. 10 hours) of professional services, providing access to 4IT Solutions’ support services, either remotely or directly on-site at your offices.


  • Technical support guaranteed according to the service levels established on weekdays
  • Control of the provided services
  • Provision of detailed work report for each intervention
  • The time used for troubleshooting is deducted from the Monte-ore residual amount of hours, prior to your approval
  • Any remaining purchased hours at the end of the contract period (12 months) are transferred to the next contractual period
  • Prepaid service hours can be added during the year, as required and at the contractual rate
  • Cost optimization

Service Mode

Guaranteed intervention on weekdays within 8 working hours from the warning of the request or according to a schedule in the following time slot:

  • From 8:00 am to 12:00 am and from 01:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Urgencies (2h remotely and 4h on-site) are excluded and will only be processed if a System Engineering Availability service contract is active.

Services (some examples)


  • Installation of the operating system on the Client
  • Installation of customer and third-party applications on existing Clients
  • Windows profile configuration
  • Outlook profile configuration and Outlook mail archives management
  • Access to network disks, connection and disconnection
  • Patches installation, system and applications updates if available and resolving with respect to reported anomalies
  • Scan and remove of viruses and malware


  • Installation of updates, patches, OS fixes on central systems if resolving with respect to reported anomalies
  • Activities related to IT structure (creation or modification of users)
  • Creating and editing access to network folders
  • Security with accesses modification and Active Directory groups (in case of change of function or special requests)
  • Restore of customer data related to centralized saving


The aim of the service is to provide advice on new technologies that could be implemented in the customer’s infrastructure with the following skills:

  • Microsoft Networks and Operating Systems
  • Microsoft applications
  • Local and distributed networks
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Performance Counting Mode

The duration of the Support activities requested by the customer, whether performed remotely or On-site, will be deducted from the Monte-ore service, as provided from the contract.

In case of on-site intervention, if the intervention time is equal to or higher than four hours, the trip is charged on 4IT Solutions. Otherwise, the cost of travelling to the geographical area in which to operate, will be charged on the client.


The price of the service is the purchase quota of the number of service hours required (minimum 10).

4IT Professional Services

The professional services of 4IT Solutions help IT departments of companies of any size to accelerate implementation time, reduce related risks and maximize return on investment.

4IT Solutions offers qualified and certified staff with proven experience in providing appropriate advice and developing the necessary integration processes for the adoption of the required solution.

Our consultants have experience not only in the field of virtualization and can thus help our numerous customers in many IT fields, through tested and certified methodologies.

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