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What consequences could bring an unexpected slowdown or blockage of core business systems or programs? No doubt it would cause serious damages to your company’s economy and reputation.

When such situations occur, the incident is even more critical to solve, both technically and economically, especially if you do not have the expert technical support and, in particular, on non-working days.


  • Specialist and competent support in support to client’s IT resources
  • Reduced investment in 2nd level IT resources
  • Fast intervention to guarantee service continuity and higher KPI
  • Preferential channels for possible Incident escalation to the vendor
  • Coverage of temporary unavailability of internal specialist staff
  • Optimization of the limited use time of the infrastructure to perform maintenance or updating

Service Mode

The availability service is guaranteed from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, on weekdays and holidays (including Saturdays, Sundays, local and national holidays during the week).

Interventions are articulated on the following service levels:

  • Remotely interventions: within 2 hours from the call, with resolution time: best effort
  • On-site interventions: within 4 hours from the call, with resolution time: best effort.


The service has been specifically designed from 4IT Solutions to ensure the availability of an expert System Engineer, able to manage 2nd level criticalities and blocking damages, which may concern the technological infrastructure, in particular to the following layers:

  • Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)
  • Virtualization Layer (VMware, Hyper-V)
  • Physical Servers
  • Storage and Backup
  • Networking & Firewalling

The service is provided, according to different needs, remotely with remote assistance or directly On-Site.


  • Remote controlled access and authorized by the Client with a secure VPN connection
  • Default infrastructure administrator profile


  • The quota for availability service is represented by a fixed monthly fee
  • The services (remotely or on-site) are billed to the final balance or deducted from a pre-purchased Monte-ore package, with eventual surcharges according to the execution time frame.
  • Any extension of availability service on weekdays can be addressed on request.

4IT Professional Services

The professional services of 4IT Solutions help IT departments of companies of any size to accelerate implementation time, reduce related risks and maximize return on investment.

4IT Solutions offers qualified and certified staff with proven experience in providing appropriate advice and developing the necessary integration processes for the adoption of the required solution.

Our consultants have experience not only in the field of virtualization and can thus help our numerous customers in many IT fields, through tested and certified methodologies.

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