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4IT Solutions offers you a system for collecting, classifying and managing support requests to all the users of your technological infrastructure, managed by 4IT in its own infrastructure.

The management approach of each request is compliant to ITIL regulation, which allows to coordinate the response time, resources and the resolution method of each ticket request in the best way.

The system categorizes and historicizes information, providing a statistical control base which allows to identify recurrent problems and providing footprints of the resolution approaches already used.

Besides, it is planned for parameterized rules for client’s update regarding the progress or resolution of the reported problem.


  • Incidents and Requests management through a pre-set platform
  • Predefined level of service and managed in a consistent way to user’s and business needs
  • Statistical analysis of service performance
  • Information gathering connected to the typology of solved incidents and requests
  • Creation of Knowledge base or guidelines on Incident solution approach.

Service Mode

The service is guaranteed on weekdays, in the following time frame:

  • From 8:00 am to 12:00 am and from 01:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

A dedicated phone number is available: +41 91 800 00 01

The remote support focuses its telephone intervention in a time frame of 15 minutes in order to solve the anomaly or provide, if possible, the indications to migrate the malfunction caused by the incident.

After this period, the service requires the intervention of the 2nd level IT specialists who will take charge of the activities, respecting the Best Effort timing.

Urgencies (2h/4h remotely) are excluded and will only be solved if a System Engineer Availability service contract is active.


  • 1st Level Service Desk, remotely (weekdays, office hours)
  • Tool availability via internet connection 7 days/7
  • Online control console available to the customer (pre-configured)
  • Customized Administration functionalities (1 x License) and Requester (1 x License)
  • Usage training for the IT contact person
  • Import Users list from Active Directory
  • Update and maintenance included.

Optional Services

  • Extension of licenses and authorizations
  • Advance reporting functionality
  • Customized statistical reports
  • SLAs statistical control policy

Service Diagram


The service price is represented by a fixed monthly fee and the activation cost (one-off)

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The professional services of 4IT Solutions help IT departments of companies of any size to accelerate implementation time, reduce related risks and maximize return on investment.

4IT Solutions offers qualified and certified staff with proven experience in providing appropriate advice and developing the necessary integration processes for the adoption of the required solution.

Our consultants have experience not only in the field of virtualization and can thus help our numerous customers in many IT fields, through tested and certified methodologies.

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