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R. Audemars SA, client since 2011

With the Outtasking service, 4IT Solutions keeps the client's business effective and supports its Digital Transformation by providing a complete portfolio of IT services.

4IT Solutions designed this service specifically to fit our company and our needs; there was nothing preset or standard. In addition, we have total control over costs thanks to a clear and transparent monthly fee.

Mirko Audemars, CE

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Engineering Solution: Backup off-site

In the event of a ransomware attack and with such a backup, the customer would have never been back up and running in the timeframe they would have liked.”

4IT Solutions supported the client in creating a new off-site backup strategy able to mitigate potential ransomware attacks and other threats.

Stefano Papaleo, CTO – PM & Solution Architect – Team Leader

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Garzoni SA, client since 2012

Engineering Solution: Proactive Monitoring Services

The professional services of 4IT Solutions help IT departments in companies of all sizes to accelerate implementation time, reduce related risks and maximize return on investment. core business is to offer a new concept of wired & wireless connectivity-inclusive annual rental of furnished, air-conditioned apartments and accommodations. This offer, ideal for professionals looking for modern housing, students, retirees and couples, would not be effective without a suitable network-connectivity availability and performance monitoring system.
In this context, even more due to the ongoing pandemic inducing a "workplace" concept paradigmatic shift in moving the operativity from institutional headquarters towards homes, we opted for 4IT Solutions Proactive Monitoring.

The professional services of 4IT Solutions help IT departments in companies of all sizes to accelerate implementation time, reduce related risks and maximize return on investment.

Andrea Garzoni - Investment Manager & Member of Executive Board

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Noyfil (Radici Group), client since 2015

Engineering Solution: Overhaul of it infrastructure

We felt like we’d been transported to another planet with a solution that was more modern, more powerful, more effective and more straightforward than the previous one. It was like stepping out of a hatchback and hopping into a race car.

The efficiency, performance and reliability of the IT infrastructure that supports services relating to the production process are strategic.

Matteo Ubertis, IT manager

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Locarno Film Festival

Locarno Film Festival, client since 2010

Engineering Solution: Hyper-converged infrastructure for servers and storage

With VMware vSphere and vCenter Server, we are able to manage all our virtual machines, both as hosts and as storage appliances, and we have more CPU power, greater storage capacity and reading and writing of data has practically increased tenfold, going from roughly 4.000 to over 40.000 IOPS. This improvement is particularly noticeable when using back-office applications and accessing the databases. 

The new server and storage infrastructure based on VMware vSAN gives us all the reliability and flexibility we need, with a significant increase in performance. 
Our information systems are now ready for the upcoming festival.

Malcolm Tunzi, Head of Information Technology

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Zarattini Bank &CO., client since 2012

Engineering Solution: Active-passive all-flash Storage architecture, 25x faster

With the new Dell EMC SC Series Compellent Storage technology, updates are faster, snapshots are rapid and don’t affect performance, like they did in the past. In terms of solidity and robustness, it’s been like going from drywall to reinforced concrete.

The benefits of the solution can also be seen from the point of view of the system administrators. Maintenance and management have now been simplified and in large part automated with the help of a very user-friendly management console, and IT personnel can now focus in higher value activities, rather than on more routine busywork. These aspects may not be visible to the end user, but they have great value for the infrastructure as a whole.

Roberto Palladino, CIO Zarattini & CO. Bank

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Aziende Multiservizi Bellinzona, client since 2011

Engineering Solution: Active-active all-flash Storage architecture, 20x faster

Thanks to the active-active, all-flash architecture of the new Dell EMC SC Series Compellent appliances, we increased read and write speeds by 20 times to more than 80.000 IOPS.

It gives us peace of mind for current operations and for future scalability, given that the architecture enables us to add new racks while maintaining the same server configuration.

We collaborated well with 4IT Solutions on this project. We have been working with them for a number of years, and they have gained a great deal of experience in infrastructure management. We came to the decision together to go with the Dell EMC all-flash storage solution within the framework of project customized to our specific needs

Matteo Jemini, Head of Telecommunications unit

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Aziende Industriali di Lugano, client since 2008

Engineering Solution: Virtualized Storage infrastructure distributed on two Datacenters

Having very good knowledge about the business dynamics, and bearing in mind the selection criteria for the new infrastructure, we examined the main market solutions with support from 4IT Solutions. We then chose the EMC infrastructure, composed of VNX unified storage systems and the VPLEX storage federation solution, which had features that were better suited to our needs.

Compared with the other architectures, EMC was the only one that guaranteed better performance, high data reliability and security, active/active mode between both data centers, and simpler and more secure disaster recovery management of SAP applications. An IT architecture that is able to guarantee business continuity under any conditions to the company management, even in the event of the unavailability, scheduled or unscheduled, of one of the two datacenters. 
And after several months, we are absolutely satisfied with the choice we made.

4IT Solutions is the partner that has supported us for several years in all IT issues. A collaboration that has always met our needs, which was once again reconfirmed during this important project. We value the skills, capabilities, and expertise of the professionals from 4IT Solutions, which are difficult to find in other providers in the Ticino Canton.”

Michele Rusconi, Head of IT Delivery and Support

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Diamond, client since 2011

Engineering Solution: Data center infrastructure implementation.

Our aim was to obtain a complete platform that would allow us to benefit from ease of management, continuity in time, high reliability and economic savings.

The offer of HPE and 4IT Solutions met all our requirements and, at the same time, it guaranteed ease of management, high reliability, continuity over time and economic savings.

Server virtualization was a prerequisite on which we were not willing to accept any compromises. Benefits were too many in this type of infrastructure! We have evaluated different possible configurations and scenarios, but we were missing a solid and integrated proposition, that would include all the aspects that we had highlighted.

In terms of competences and skills, this project represented a significant challenge starting from the choice of the right IT partner, who could guide us in this evolutionary path.

Luca Selcioni, Head of ICT

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Locarno Festival, client since 2010

Engineering Solution: Data center infrastructure, virtualization and security, wireless.

Despite the complexity of the request and the uncertainty of the project’s outcome, 4IT Solutions and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, were up to the challenge.

Our use is concentrated in a very short period of the year, and during this time the entire infrastructure must be more reliable in providing our services. The flexibility introduced by the new system has permitted us to achieve high levels of security and efficiency. This means we can save time. Allowing us to optimize the effectiveness of our resources, but above all it has solved the problems we have had in the past.

4IT Solutions supported the design, configuration and monitoring phases for the network equipment as well as the implementation of the Aruba infrastructure, guaranteeing a high level of quality in providing the service and performing a key role throughout the project.

Malcolm Tunzi, Head of IT

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Fondazione Diamante, client since 2013

Engineering Solution: Virtualization of IT services at Server and Client level.

The most evident advantage is the greater efficiency and integration obtained in the data input, which translates into a drastic reduction in the transmission of information and the consolidation of the data entered.

Backup, saving and archiving data have now also been automated thanks to the VMware virtualization technology. And there have also been security benefits as well, as the virtualized system affords a level of protection when transmitting data from the center to the local offices that would previously have been unimaginable.

Matteo Fraschina, Operations Manager

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Grünenfelder, client since 2011

Engineering Solution: Storage virtualization and hyper-convergence.

Thanks to VMware technology we were able to replace our servers without any changes in the application layer, with the benefit of measurable increase in performance, a new dimension in storage and a fantastic disaster recovery.

The most dramatic change for us was the transition from traditional storage to a virtualized storage network with VMware Vsan. It was a big step, which finally allowed us to optimize performance with unbelievable response times that are up to ten times faster.”

Luca Bolla, IT Manager

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