Information Technology is the field most exposed to changes into the market logic, to which it is necessary to adapt the business and the technological infrastructures in a prompt and in a customized approach.

The 4IT Solutions’ Outtasking service offers you important benefits:

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC), which deals with the management of all the needs for assistance, maintenance and evolutionary consulting to achieve high IT performance
  • Delocalized assistance, offering greater Security and Traceability of NON-INTRUSIVE services, in order to optimize the use of necessary resources
  • More sophisticated and performing tools, suitable for supporting and solving cases

4IT Solutions offers you its long-standing experience in the field Information Technology support services, gained through practical experience at some prestigious local businesses.


  • Single Point of Contact as IT reference for internal expertise
  • Partnership agreement focused on achieving agreed service levels
  • Personalized service, based on highlighted needs
  • Preventive activities (to guarantee service continuity) and reactive activities (starting from specific reporting)
  • Codified activities based on ITIL criteria, to ensure Compliance and Traceability of the provided support
  • Flexibility of employed resources
  • Lower internal investments, keeping the focus on the Core business
  • Higher Quality of provided services
  • Possibility of statistical reporting of Performance based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


  • 1st Level of Service Desk support, remote or on-site (office hours)
  • 2nd Level System Engineer Support
  • 2nd Level System Engineer Availability for emergency on weekdays and holidays
  • On-site planned resource 
  • Infrastructure assessment, information gathering and data collection related to the peculiarity of infrastructure performance, available or requested
  • Proactive monitoring of critical infrastructure points
  • Service Desk Tool, for incidents and requests management (ITIL compliance)
  • CIO tasks, management of functional, architectural and technological requirements
  • Network Security Services, Firewall, Core Switch, Wi-Fi, Data Encryption and Authentication policies
  • Evolutionary Consulting

Service Diagram


  • Basic Infrastructure (no restrictions on number of users)
  • Compliant systems and devices with standard updates


Service price is represented by a fixed monthly fee

4IT Professional Services

The professional services of 4IT Solutions help IT departments of companies of any size to accelerate implementation time, reduce related risks and maximize return on investment.

4IT Solutions offers qualified and certified staff with proven experience in providing appropriate advice and developing the necessary integration processes for the adoption of the required solution.

Our consultants have experience not only in the field of virtualization and can thus help our numerous customers in many IT fields, through tested and certified methodologies.

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