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The 4IT Cloud Backup service, based on Veeam Cloud Connect™, allows customers who already use Veeam Essential or Backup & Replication™ to extend their backup infrastructure to the Cloud.
Every company needs an alternative site where to save their backups and rapidly restore them in case of disaster. The problem is that not all companies have a second site or resources to implement a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Thanks to the 4IT Cloud Backup service you have the opportunity to save your off-site backups to the 4IT Solutions’ Data center through a secure, easy and rapid process without any additional hardware or software solutions.

Veeam customers can integrate the Cloud backup destination directly into their own backup console with no need for any VPN but in complete security thanks to the encrypted communication.

All in a transparent approach and under your full control.


  • Market-leading technology for virtual infrastructure backup
  • Encrypted backup, in Switzerland, with decryption keys of your exclusive possession
  • High level of data protection without increasing the complexity of the backup solution
  • Rapidity of transfer thanks to the integrated WLAN acceleration procedure
  • Secure data transfer with SSL protocol
  • Complete visibility and control for accessing and restoring Cloud stored data directly from the Veeam Backup console
  • Infinite availability of recovery points

Infrastructure Security

The Data center space, whose location is guaranteed in Switzerland, holds all the necessary infrastructure features to ensure 24/7 operational continuity at the Data center level and in particular:

  • Protection against malicious telematics intrusions (firewall))
  • Surveillance systems for anti-flooding and anti-fire spaces
  • Stabilization and continuity for electricity and cooling systems
  • Infrastructure monitoring for administration and components maintenance

Maximum Data Security

4IT Cloud Backup removes the two main obstacles that affected this service in the past: the need for a VPN connection and the use of dedicated backup destinations. Therefore, the connection is established directly on the Internet using a single TCP port protected by SSL encryption. The final result is the complete protection from the customer’s site, though the internet to the backup destination.

The solution adopts a component able to create an abstraction level of the backup destination, allowing to maintain the confidentiality of the dedicated repositories.



  • Active license of Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Local installation of Veeam Backup & Replication at the customer site
  • Internet connection with sufficient upload bandwidth from the customer site
  • Veeam WAN Accelerator to accelerate backup data transfer operations (already available for customers with Veeam Enterprise license)

4IT Professional Services

The activation of the requested services is anticipated by a Start-up phase, in which 4IT Solutions’ activities comply with the action plan agreed with the customer on indicated requirements. The 4IT consulting activity will follow to optimize backup policies and apply data retention policies.

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