Outsourcing IT: the strategic choice for SMEs

17 August, 2022

Mishel Borcic

Mishel Borcic
Head of ICT Sales Area

The last years’ rapid transition to an agile enterprise able not only to support remote working, but also a range of key business activities, has highlighted the difficulties that already plagued many SMEs.

Trying to adapt quickly and responsively without a clear strategy and with reduced resources, forced many companies to take time and attention away from their core business, losing the agility they were looking for, leaving room for competitors who had already made outsourcing a strategic choice.

The advantage of relying on an MSP is mainly given by the ability to schedule and plan all the steps necessary to make IT secure, stable, accessible and usable. How?

The main MSPs’ tools


Proactive Montoring 

Thanks to a proactive monitoring system it is possible to quickly identify potential problems within the infrastructure and applications and facilitate all corrective actions to prevent the problem from becoming noticeable to users and negatively impacting the business.

➝ 4IT Solutions employs the best proactive monitoring tools to improve uptime and infrastructure performance, thereby minimizing downtime through rapid and targeted interventions.


Service Desk

Service Desk is an indispensable part of any company that aims to provide quick and efficient resolution to all those problems that touch an employee daily and negatively impacting his or her productivity.

➝ 4IT Solutions offers professional support with flexible SLAs that can adapt to the needs of the client's business. In addition, through multilingual support it is possible to serve those companies spread over multiple locations and abroad.


Off-site Backup

Off-site backup makes it possible to keep corporate data safe in the event of system failure, natural disasters, and even cyber-attacks. It also allows access to data from anywhere, giving the company the freedom to work remotely.

➝ 4IT Solutions studies and designs the best solution for the client by leveraging the best technologies on the market and the latest in data immutability and resilience.


Modern Workplace

In recent years, collaboration with specific tools has become essential to enable employees to work in an agile and flexible way anywhere, anytime, using any device connected to the Internet.

4IT Solutions by choosing Microsoft 365 offers a simple and intuitive unified collaboration platform that can improve communication and collaboration while ensuring data and device security through InTune.


License & Compliance

Proper Software Asset Management, for example the choice of tools to adopt has a number of benefits in addition to making the company compliant with intellectual property protection law.

➝ 4IT Solutions can be seen as an intermediary between the company and leading software vendors to guide the client in choosing License management that best suits their needs and is in line with the company's business model


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