Backup and data safety, between cloud and ransomware attacks

13 June, 2022

Paola Ghezzi

Paola Ghezzi
Marketing Manager


In the last years, the perception of the importance of data has changed dramatically and its preservation has come to be one of the hottest topics, so much so that we consider the company as the set of many small pixels that guard its history, know-how and identity. We can even go so far as to define data as the real corporate treasure of our millennium.

Cloud infrastructure: an asset for businesses

If until a few years ago people talked about the cloud as something distant, within the reach only of large companies with huge budgets, today the paradigm has changed. Thanks to the arrival of Azure data centers in Switzerland, the lowering of the cost per TB and the increasing performance of Internet lines, the use of the cloud to build flexible and scalable solutions has changed the traditional IT infrastructure paradigm.

The cloud is no longer something prohibitive, but a real component of modern infrastructures, acting as one of the key elements and ensuring:


  • efficiency;
  • safety;
  • cost control;
  • increased functionality

The rise of ransomware: how to protect your company

On the other hand, the several crisis situations, the increase in remote working and the refinement of techniques by cyber criminals has led to an average ransomware attack counting every 36 seconds. It is estimated that 2021 saw a 105% increase in attacks over the previous year, affecting about 66% of companies and organizations and succeeding in encrypting data in 65% of cases.

As the landscape evolves in terms of tools and threats, backup policies also need to receive constant updates and improvements in terms of redundancy, security and immutability. Here, then, is where the cloud comes in, which manages to answer some of the key questions:


  • How to be able to manage the third site, i.e., a storage space outside the company;
  • How to flexibly manage the growth of data and the space to devote to it without CAPEX investment;
  • How to ensure data immutability, which is critical for protection against ransomware.


If until a few years ago backups were considered a mere administrative memory, today they are much more. It is necessary to bring backup policies to the next level in step with the times, trying to minimize the leaks that would otherwise bring disastrous consequences in terms of turnover, operations and image. Following the same principle of continuous updating in terms of procedures and technologies, it must be done for the Disaster Recovery Plan.

We must stop considering data as an end, but we must give it the role it deserves when, for example, we talk about data analysis. Tools such as Power BI, in fact, allow to create a culture based on data, enabling strategic decisions based on real and always up-to-date information.

The role of 4IT Solutions

4IT Solutions allows those already using Veeam Backup & Replication™ to extend the backup infrastructure into the Cloud, providing an alternative site where to save backups and restore them quickly in the event of a disaster.

In addition, as Microsoft guarantees data accessibility but is not responsible for backing up the data, 4IT Solutions allows you to back up Microsoft365 data while eliminating the risk of data loss.


If you are interested in learning more about the best solutions to protect your business data, please contact us: we will provide you with all the information you need.


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