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Virtualization is the technology that will change how companies manage their IT environment, revolutionising the concept of archive, system, application and desktop. To virtualize resources means separating software from hardware platforms. In a virtualized system manyvirtual machines share the same hardware resources without interfering with one another and it is thus possible to run different operating systems and appications at the same time on a single physical machine.


Why virtualize,and what are the benefits?


- Server Consolidaion

- Software lifecycle automation

- Service Continuity

- Security and management of desktops


In a virtualized environment the enhancement or substitution of systems does not entail any software migration costs; upgrades which are required from time to time and depending on new structural needs, are so relatively simple and immediate processes. Besides the power consumption cost saving aspect, the implementation of virtualization technology is certainly positive also for the environment. Exploiting its experience in consulting, both in the design and implementation of IT architectures based on virtual infrastructure, 4IT Solutions uses its know how in the realisation of highly efficient and reliable solutions through products of the field’s top Brands.




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