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Regardless of dimensions, field or budget, the growth in data is the most common reason for the isufficient capacity of backup and recovery procedures. The traditional approach ith different backup servers and tape drives, with an increase in capacity and reductionin backup frequency, is no longer valid also because it leads to an increase in costs and complexity. many clients are now considering an approach based on disks and archive solutions.

Disk backup is the best solution for the optimisation of backup and recovery reliability and performance. Archiving instead has its roots in a simple question: “How many times has the backup of an unchanged file been executed?” When a digital resource in a production environment is not actively updated or frequently consulted, it should moved in an active online archive accessible from production applications.

In this way space on the production system is freed, increasing performances, reducing storage costs and speeding up backup and recovery procedures. in cooperation with important Storage management solutions brands, 4IT Solutions may help you implement the ideal solution within a given context, bearing in mind daily needs and future developments of your company.




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