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High Availability and Disaster Recovery are strictly related conmcepts, and often the resulting solutions are implemented one as a complement of the other, because even aiming at two slightly different goals such as service continuity to guarantee the upkeeping of a company’s productiveness and the possibility to fully or almost fully restore it in case of ecceptionally catastrophic events, they are both grounded in the same basic principle, that of the replication of data and the equipment required to use them. Also here the range of solutions is quite vast and depends on the needs of specific clients: for example the concept of disaster recovery may stretch from keeping a backup tape in a security box in its most limite expression, to the actual building of a secondary twin data centre with an office recovery site complete with workstations through which it may be accessed.

In any case the basic principle remains having a copy of data and at least a frame of an infrastructure allowing us to reach them were the main one not available.

In order to answer a company’s specific requirements in this field the setting up of some form of data redundancy is not sufficient, but the definition of update frequency, the quota of “acceptable” data loss, the required recovery time, the correspondence of data to the actual situation at the time of recovery and many other variables which guide the choice of a solution in both logical andorganisational terms have to be taken into consideration. The choice of High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions also often has implications which are not strictly related to the actual technological solution, such as the availability of geographically distinct locations, the communication infrastructure between them, the possibility or less for users to access systems from outside the company’s premises, the availability of personnel skilled to carry out emergency plans. All elements which turn the identification of the most appropriate solution in a particularly complicated exercise requiring in depth specific knowledge.

Thanks to our competence and to the cooperation with important technological partners in the fieldwe are able to help you in the choice, implementation and management of the solutions best suiting your needs, dimension and budgets.






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