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The “high availability” concept applies to solutions which aim at the minimisation of service interruption in case of an IT system fault. The objective of a fault tolerant architecture is to tolerate the damage, mitigate its effects and preserve system functionality. When a component breaks, it is by-passed, the required recovery operations are executed and the user only experiences a “slowing down” of the system. Fault tolerant systems are usually centralised, generally being powerful machines mostly managed through a single operating system.

Whilst in a H.A. architecture there is not a single IT object, but a distributed system able to handle a variety of hardware and software issues and guarantee a good level of reliability. Relying upon a high availability configuration doesn’t though mean being protected against any problem, and having a cluster doesn’t mean giving up backup plans and fully guaranteeing service continuity.

A fault tolerant or H.A. environment may though be of much help in the difficult task of guaranteeing a service and reducing downtime due to a sudden failure, but any adopted solution must be considered like a piece in the overall system administration mosaic, without renouncing an appropriate disaster recovery plan.


Is a set of technological measures and organisational procedures aimed at the restoration of systems, data and infrastructures required for the provision of business services in case of serious emergencies. In a Disaster Recovery Plan applications, system software and critical data are identified and classified; the latter have priority in recovery having a very low interruption tolerance.

An emergency plan must take care of the recovery of all business functions, not only the central IT service. For the definition of a DRP the more appropriate recovery strategies must be evaluated for: alternative sites, back up methods, substitution of equipment, roles and responsibilities of teams. A prolonged suspension in the computing system due to a disaster calls for a recovery strategy on an alternative site to allow basic services.

4IT Solutions with its services, along with a consolidated wealth of experience and specific knowledge on the High Availability and Disaster Recovery themes, supplies architectural Solutions using the technologies best suiting a client’s specific needs.






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